Secure USB 5V kill switch

Secure USB 5V kill switch

Fibernet’s Secure USB relay is a USB kill switch designed for use in meeting rooms or any other installation that used USB peripherals and a professional control system.

The use of USB cameras and microphones as part of our communication could become a threat to the privacy of our business confidential information. The SRL-U was developed to completely shut down peripherals when not required. Meeting spaces that run classified and regular meetings now can trust that the room peripherals are absolute shut down when the information discusses is highly confidential.

Fibernet’s SRL-U is certified by the highest Israeli cyber security regulator and is agnostic to operating systems.


Model: SRL-U

Secure USB Relay

Dimensions: 108x62x26mm (4.25×2.44×1.02’’)

Weight: 420gr (0.92 lb.)