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CERN ATLAS Supplier Award

Fibernet is one of the few companies in the world to have received three awards from CERN, one for every project the company participated in.

ATLAS Supplier Award for the supply of optical fibers, patch panels and splitter technology to ATLAS.

Fibernet won the contract for the supply of TTC and Readout fibers for the tile Calorimeter following competitive tendering in 2004. Since then Fibernet has also supplied fibers and low voltage cables for the ATLAS Moon Tracking and Trigger systems, the Liquid Argon system, and for the Read Out Links for the Level 1 trigger, as well as the underground area and the TDAQ room. In addition to the fibers, Fibernet has supplied the optical splitters (TTCoc) to Atlas.

All fiber assemblies were designed by Fibernet using bundles of individual fibers jacketed into a fiber cable. Each of the subsystems had unique requirements for the dimensions, lengths, routing and connectors. With one-on-one interactions Fibernet proposed various solutions to the individual problems. ATLAS was impressed with the personal CAD designs, the rapid exchange of information and the concern for quality in all aspects from design to delivery.

While ATLAS was facing technical challenges related to the construction of the TTCoc splitters, Fibernet quickly found a splitter solution for single-mode input and
multi-mode output fibers.

The properties of both the fiber assemblies after installation and the TTCoc splitters have been measures, and found to be of premium quality, as well as the individual fibers used prior to the end of 2005 in the testbeam and elsewhere. Fibernet delivered upwards of 100km of fiber cables between 2005 and 2006, according to schedule and budget. ATLAS was particularly pleased by its willingness to deliver additional components for tests outside the initial scope of the contract and to supply their personnel to visit CERN to consult and train ATLAS personnel.

The Fibernet contracts were performed within the framework of the CERN-Israel Agreement for the further development of scientific and technical cooperation in the research projects of CERN.

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Published by Globes [online], Israel business news – – on June 4, 2006

CMS Gold Award

Recieved for the supply of optical fibers deployed in the Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Since 2000 the CMS Collaboration has honored industries that have made outstanding contributions to the construction of the CMS CERN experiment with the CMS Industrial Awards. Fibernet was granted the Gold Award for Companies excellent results in terms of quality and schedule.

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CMS Times

Gold Awards


cern ALICE award

Recived for the excellent and timely assembly of the silicon strip detector (SSD) boards of the inner tracking system with cable connections.

Special low-mass cables, just a millimetre in diameter, connect the inner parts of the SSD to the outside world. Owing to the limited space in the centre of ALICE, it was necessary for the assembly to have no twists between the three sets of conductors. Fibernet Ltd created cables containing a total of 25,000 wires that were supple and could easily be laid out in any curve.

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Military & Defense

Fibernet has been recognized numerous times for the company’s contribution and innovations in various military and defense projects.

As these projects are classified we cannot divulge their details, suffice it to say that we are proud to contribute our expertise to the success of projects important for our national security.

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