Secure USB timer kill switch

Secure USB timer kill switch

Fibernet’s Secure Timer for USB and Audio peripherals is a desktop USB and audio kill switch timer controlled with a physical button on the front panel of the device, designed for use on a single station, in the home or office environment.

The use of cameras and microphones as part of our communication could become a threat to the privacy of our family and business confidential information. The STM-UA was developed to completely shut down peripherals when not required. Neither a forgotten active video conference nor an unauthorized remote access to your system will be able to hear or see you.

Fibernet’s STM-UA is certified by the highest Israeli cybersecurity regulator and is agnostic to operating systems.


Model: STM-UA

Secure Kill Switch Timer for USB and Audio Peripherals

Dimensions: 108x62x26mm (4.25×2.44×1.02’’)

Weight: 420gr (0.92 lb.)