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We attain success when we facilitate the achievements of our customers.

Our knowledge, experience and creativity in the fields of cybersecurity and fiber optic applications are at your service. Designing your greatness means partnering with you to find and then implement the solution that is right for you, no matter how simple or complex.

Founded in 1993, Fibernet expertise spans the range from specialty fibers to telecommunications infrastructure, high mix low volume or large, even world-famous, projects in multiple business sectors.


Command and Control & Pro AV
Data Center
Specialty Fibers
Harsh Environments
Fibernet Physical Cybersecurity solutions protect undetected portals of attack neglected by traditional software cybersecurity. Our innovative unidirectional gatekeeping solutions retain the desired connectivity while preventing undesired information flow: attacks (intentional or accidental breaches) and information "leakage."
Fibernet provides end-to-end Pro AV solutions for Command and Control centers, operations rooms, smart classrooms, conference or meeting rooms including Over IP solutions and customized consoles for 24/7 environments.
Decades of industry experience led to the development of Fibernet’s STAR high-density data center solutions. STAR solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency, in minimum space with convenient modularity that enables easy maintenance and upgrades.
Fibernet designs and leads implementation of FTTx networks and projects including providing customized network design, network optimization and training for installers. We have recently expanded our capabilities to include complete, end-to-end Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON) solutions.
Fibernet provides precision solutions based on specialty optical fibers (in addition to standard fibers). We custom design special assemblies for integration in customer products, playing a key role in the development of various high-tech products, such as various scopic equipment used in the Medical & Healthcare industry as well as solutions for Start-Ups.
Our harsh environment solutions are implemented in Industrial as well as Military & Defense applications. Fibernet offers an extensive array of telecommunications and electronic solutions designed for durability in tough environments: land, air, space and sea. Fibernet Military & Defense solutions adhere to the strictest international military standards.


Service begins with needs analysis and ends with ensuring that you have the tools necessary to implement the solution.

Team of 200
Fibernet expert optical and mechanical design engineers, R&D, technical support, instructors and production teams provide concrete solutions, customized for your needs.

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