BLOCKER Secure KM Switch 2 ports

BLOCKER Secure KM Switch 2 ports

Fibernet’s BLOCKER KM switch family of products enhances workstations by supplying high level cybersecurity while simultaneously giving access to multiple computers from the same set of keyboard and mouse.

With a Fibernet Secure KMs, a workstation with multiple computers can share the same keyboard and mouse without a risk of data flowing between these respective computers.

In addition, the BLOCKER KM restricts USB signal flow by physically forcing unidirectionality, isolating, filtering and emulating communication, supplying complete security against any attempt of connecting a USB peripheral that is not HID pointer (human interface device).

Fibernet’s family of KM switches were developed to follow the strictest requirements of government agencies, military or finance organizations preventing data compromise.

The BLOCKER KM switch family of products are certified by the highest Israeli cyber security regulator.

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FS-SKM-2 BLOCKER – 2 Port Secure KM Switch