Specialty Fibers

Specialty Fibers

Specialty optical fibers are usually understood as optical fibers which have at least one special property, distinguishing them from standard fibers.

Designing and developing solutions based on specialty fibers necessitates expertise and certain production and implementation capabilities, particularly in order to handle the needs of high mix, low volume applications – Fibernet has all of these.

Fibers with specific optical properties are designed with varying types and dimensions of core, cladding and coating. Cutting, splicing and removal of specialty fiber coatings needs to be done in accordance with their individual characteristics. In certain cases fiber diameters need to be tapered or increased in order to enable transitions between types of media.

Fibernet provides precision solutions based on specialty optical fibers (in addition to standard fibers), including offering a range of anti-reflective coatings which can be optimized for wavelengths relevant for your product. We custom design special assemblies for integration in customer products, playing a key role in the development of various high-tech products, such as various scopic equipment used in the Medical & Healthcare industry as well as solutions for Start-Ups and the Semiconductor industry.

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