Communication networks are increasingly vulnerable to tapping and intrusion. Fiber optic networks in contrast to what people may think are also easy to tap. Such taping action introduces small amount of signal loss, which can be detected by using Fibernet’s Monitoring System (FMS). In fact, this system can support different applications for optical signal degradation detection like underwater fiber-optic fences.

FMS is modular system, consisting of two slots that can hold besides the Monitoring modules also other application oriented modules. Each module consists of eight ports with TX and RX tributaries. Using TX is optional for fibers where there is no existent traffic like in water fence applications.

Upon detection of signal degradation the unit activates local sound alarm, lights LED and closes/opens Dry Contacts associated with specific channel and send notification through the management interface to optional GUI application.

FMS provides different parameters setting to tune the system to specific environment. Among setting is the “Delta” between the “normal” signal level and the alarm condition level. It is possible to tune the time windows for alarms and signal capture for reference.

Management connectivity established through RS232 interface from the front or rear located 9-pin D-Type connectors. The product comes with GUI software for Windows 7 type of operation system, but it is possible to create customer tailored application by providing the communication protocol details.

It is possible to “chain” FMS (fully populated) units with rear located 2 RS232 connectors.