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Great ideas are not enough to create a great business. Knowledge, product development experience, engineering expertise and production capabilities are necessary in order to turn the dream into a reality. Entrepreneurs, unaware of the pitfalls of mechanical design for example, are likely to bring unfeasible designs to production, necessitating going “back to the drawing board” – which means both loss of precious time and finances.

This is where Fibernet as a Knowledge Center comes into play.

In addition to tools, products and solutions, we offer guidance and the benefit of our experience. We leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you avoid pitfalls and actualize your products. Fibernet’s flexibility and special mix of capabilities, enables us to provide custom designed solutions for high-mix low volume businesses, including supporting the NPI process, bringing your product from sketch to production.


Over the years, Fibernet has garnered extensive experience facilitating the needs of start-ups in a variety of fields, with a special focus on the medical and healthcare industry.

Can you help us bring our product from design to production?
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Long term collaboration

A number of Fibernet customers began working with us when they were in the start-up stage, looking for assistance in implementing an ingenious idea. Over the years, success has led to success and it is a matter of pride to be able to say that we have grown, together.


Over the years Fibernet has collaborated with us on numerous projects.
I have a deep appreciation for Fibernet’s special combination of uncompromising professionalism and complex project management capabilities.”
Roni Zomber
Syneron Candela, VP Operations


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