Medical & Healthcare

Medical institutions have standard institutional needs, like those of other organizations such as a data center and network infrastructure that can cope with high-speed network communications. Added to this are institution-specific needs such as:

  • Customized workstation configurations to increase efficiency and reduce extraneous equipment for example – computers in the basement, leaving only the user interface equipment (keyboard/monitor/mouse) at the workstation or different access permissions at the same workstation
  • Security measures to protect patient files from tampering and/or information “leakage” so that files are not damaged or manipulated by unauthorized personnel


Design to production of specialized solutions

We provide customer-specific solutions for the development and production of products related to the medical industry. We draw on the ingenuity of our fiber optics and engineering experts to enable manufacturers to solve device challenges and meet time to market and profitability goals.


Fibernet has extensive experience with in-house special fiber production and assembly as well as expertise in high-power laser applications. Fibernet solutions address the complete value chain (raw materials, fibers, cables, assemblies, special optical components) and are applied as integral components in the products being developed.

The medical product we are creating necessitates a high power laser application. Can you help us implement that?
Medical & Healthcare

Long term collaboration

A number of Fibernet’s medical and healthcare customers began working with us when they were in the start-up stage, looking for assistance in implementing an ingenious idea. Over the years, success has led to success and it is a matter of pride to be able to say that we have grown, together. Fibernet has successfully implemented many solutions for customers such as Syneron, Dune Medical, Ornim, and BioSense.


Over the years Fibernet has collaborated with us on numerous projects.
I have a deep appreciation for Fibernet’s special combination of uncompromising professionalism and complex project management capabilities.”
Roni Zomber
Syneron Candela, VP Operations


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