Harsh Environment

Harsh Environments

Many industries utilize applications that require integration of fiber optic technology into systems which must operate in harsh environments: extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations, withstand shock, vibration, radiation, corrosive conditions, dirt, high electromagnetic and high radio-frequency interference and pressure.

Harsh environments can be a matter of field conditions or the environment within machinery.


Maintaining reliability under the pressures of harsh environments isn’t easy and each environment necessitates different solutions.

Fibernet’s technical experts have acquired years of expertise in designing, developing and providing solutions for numerous high-profile projects that not only demand durability –  creativity and reliability are, literally, the deciding factors in protecting lives.
We are proud to take part in projects that are key in the defense of civilians such as Israel’s Iron Dome and many others that cannot be disclosed.

Fibernet offers an extensive array of telecommunications and electronic solutions designed for durability in tough environments (land, air, space and sea) for both civilian and Military & Defense applications as well as in Industrial environments (semiconductor, print etc.)


At Fibernet, we combine decades of expertise and an expanded portfolio of our Partner offerings to provide the end-to-end solutions for the smallest to the most complex of harsh environment product needs, for example:

  • Upgrade your machinery from copper to fiber optic technology (Industrial solution),
  • Provide a civilian aviation or naval solution
  • Implement tactical systems that guarantee excellent performance during military operations while allowing easy field deployment and harsh environment reliability.

Solutions provided by Fibernet include deployable reels, patch cords, tactical cables, tactical systems, ruggedized RFI/EMI shielding, ruggedized enclosures, rotary joints and custom-designed assemblies.

Fibernet also provides solutions for monitoring environments, testing, inspection and maintenance.


Our portfolio of Military & Defense solutions meets the strictest international military standards including MIL-STD-810, guaranteeing long lasting products for any type of environment or application.

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