Data Centers

Data Center

Decades of industry experience led to the development of Fibernet’s STAR high-density data center solutions. STAR solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency, in minimum space with convenient modularity that enables easy maintenance and upgrades. STAR saves space, reduces the amount of electricity and cooling solutions necessary, dramatically reducing costs.

Every market segment needs data center solutions

Small communications rooms to large data centers have the same challenges, just on different scales. Fibernet experts help businesses plan and implement new data centers or upgrade existing ones according to the needs of that organization.

Empowering infrastructure integrators

Fibernet is a one-stop-shop for infrastructure integrators.
We provide:

  • Project planning and guidance, including assistance in applying for tenders
  • Training in the implementation of Fibernet solutions
  • STAR high density connectivity solutions including connectivity components, splicers, and pre-connected cables to make the solution deployment simple and fast
  • Tools and equipment necessary to install and maintain the solutions

Upgrade from copper to fiber

Fibernet provides the full range of solutions and equipment for installing and maintaining copper based data centers and communications networks. We also offer the ability to combine copper and fiber networks. At the same time we ask, why settle for good, when you can have better?


Fiber Optics Offer Long Term ROI:

  • Faster transfer of more data
  • Increased data fidelity
  • Reduction of physical infrastructure – less cables, connectors and loss points means it is possible to:
    • compact the machinery in a smaller space
    • reduce energy consumption
    • increase machinery lifespan – environment immunity (oils, lubricants, electromagnetic interference etc.)
    • simplify maintenance, reducing needs and costs
  • Future ready infrastructure – Fibernet’s modular plug and play infrastructure supports current and future data transfer needs, enables easy maintenance and upgrades

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