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Command and Control & Pro AV

Command and Control and Pro AV solutions are becoming a necessity in almost every market sector and business environment.

Command and control centers or operations rooms are vital for overseeing different locations, coordinating efforts and dispatch of resources. Complex organizations such as multinational corporations, utility companies, banks, public transportation organizations, emergency services, government and military/defense agencies etc. need control rooms, designed to facilitate their unique needs.

Smart classrooms are becoming more and more prevalent in institutions and academia while almost every medium to large organization has at least one smart conference or meeting room.


Fibernet solutions

Fibernet solutions encompass everything from the design of your smart environment to multimedia and Over IP solutions for the effective management of complex information demands such as:

  • simplifying aggregation of audio/visual data from multiple sources,
  • seamless switching between multiple displays
  • streamlining workstations to attain maximum efficiency with minimum peripherals.
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We also offer multimedia cyber solutions, providing an added layer of physical cybersecurity for those who need it.

Designing your environment

Fibernet experts will help analyze your needs to enable the design and implementation of the environment best suited for your needs – from the multimedia solutions to the ergonomic consuls and workstations in which they are placed.

Making efficiency beautiful

To guarantee maximum functionality and performance in these types of critical environments we partnered with RDI, Spanish experts in the design and manufacture of cutting edge technical furniture that is both ergonomic and beautiful.


What you need to know about our process:

  1. Fibernet experts will partner with you to map out the environment you need and define the most appropriate workstations, which multimedia solutions should be integrated in them and whether or not cyber-secure solutions are necessary.
  2. Following these initial stages, the Fibernet team will map out and submit for your approval the electrical and network wiring necessary, diagrams/3D model of the workstations within the environment.
  3. Following approval of the plan we will submit a price quote. When it is approved, your order will be placed.

What you need to know about RDI workstations:

  • Fibernet is the exclusive distributor of RDI technical furniture in Israel
  • The workstations come in standard and cyber-secure configurations
  • The workstations are built with quality materials and created with both beauty and efficiency in mind – easy access and storage of equipment, solutions to make cables and wiring hidden etc.
  • RDI technical furniture adheres to the ISO standard and come with a 10 year warranty for the plates, chassis and accessories
  • Numerous large scale projects have been completed in Israel and abroad.

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