Roomdimensions Iberica, RDI, provides technical solutions for control rooms, focused on the manufacturing and exporting of high added-value technical furniture and
ergonomic solutions for non-stop operation environments.
RDI have a wide range of products that enhance the management and the organization of the 24×7 operations environments and their annexed spaces, using at any time the suitable product for the user’s needs.
Operations and supervisor consoles, meeting tables, archive furniture, printing cabinets, auxiliary technical furniture, specific 24×7 chairs & ergonomic supports.

RDI is a Spanish owned group operating in the market via different companies, differentiated by the commercialization of solutions, or product manufacturing. Our scope of activity is focused on the European market, Mexico, Colombia, African markets & the Middle East.

RDI’s main strategic line is the design and manufacturing of technical solutions for the management and integral organization of different 24×7 operations environments, as well as the distribution of technological solutions and ergonomic products related to this operations environments.

Mission - Vision - Values

To design, to organize and to manage 24×7 operational environments through added value proposals.

Become one of the pioneers in design and infrastructure development for the management and optimization of 24×7 environments through our own solutions and from third parties.

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Roomdimensions is responsible for developing the comprehensive 3D planimetry of the project, evaluating every aspect essential for 24×7 operations environment, providing our customers and partners a real representation of their environment.

We simulate the actual type of lighting used in your environment to analyze this way how it will affect the daily work of the operators and the global visualization systems of the operations environment.

We reproduce all the auxiliary elements necessary for a perfect understanding of the space and of the functional needs of the environment.


We facilitate the development of engineering drawings of the whole environment, sections and construction details, including all the information necessary in order to define to the maximum our technical proposals.

We present our technical documentation using 3D views that facilitate the understanding of the volume of objects.

We contemplate the location of operators and of the technical furniture as essential for the proper ergonomic positioning of the various elements to integrate.


Each of our products is accompanied by a full manual of assembly, prepared by our team of engineers, which facilitates to the maximum the work of staff responsible for the product installation and final project documentation.

Our technical solutions dispose of all the necessary descriptive and argumentative documentation for a perfect understanding of the solutions tendered.

The RDI engineering department provides technical support to customers and partners based on the preparation of technical, descriptive and justificative specifications for each of the proposals developed.


We have the technical capacity to carry out the implementation of the control room, taking into account all relevant aspects for 24×7 operations environment.

Our facilities allow us to manufacture value-added technical solutions to personalize to the smallest detail the work environments, ranging from the manufacturing of the furniture, coatings, roofing, flooring, paneling, decorative items, etc…

We dispose of technical resources available on site whose function is to assist the client and ensure a proper execution of the project.


We reflect and record all changes or variations that occur during the development of a project.

We prepare all final ¨as built¨ documentation , which reflects the changes made and the final result of the project.

We commit to guarantee the highest fidelity between the tendered projects and the final result of the works.

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