Rugged, intuitive tools that help you install, test and troubleshoot fiber optic networks

AFL designs test and inspection tools that are easy to use and provide quick results, without complicated training requirements.

Fiber Inspection & Cleaning

AFL has a complete range of fast, easy-to-use tools that inspect and clean fiber endfaces. Using them consistently eliminates the #1 cause of network outages – dirty connectors.

Fiber Identification

Ergonomic tools for MM or SM fibers, even bend insensitive fiber, to identify live fibers or trace dark fibers.

Optical Loss Testing

AFL optical power meters, light sources, and test kits are necessary tools for technicians working on fiber networks to ensure the health of fiber networks.

OTDR & Fiber Characterization

Pocket-sized and performance packed, AFL optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and fault locators certify new fiber installations and locate faults in deployed fiber optic networks. Easy operation makes even a novice a testing expert.

The FlexScan family of OTDRs automates test setup, shortens test time and simplifies results interpretation – improving efficiency and reducing costs. Integrated light source, power meter, VFL and optional connector inspection tool will ensure technicians have everything they need to locate and resolve optical network issues.

Test Manager & Reporting Software

Robust Cloud- and PC-based reporting tools that provide actionable intelligence and workflow management for the individual to the enterprise.

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