Military & Defense

Meeting tough challenges


High profile projects

Fibernet’s technical experts have acquired years of expertise in designing, developing, and providing solutions for numerous high-profile projects where creativity and reliability are the deciding factors in protecting lives.
We are proud to take part in projects that are key in the defense of civilians such as Israel’s Iron Dome and many others that cannot be disclosed.


Control & Command Centers

Fibernet simplifies the aggregation of simultaneous, real-time multi-source, multi-display for multiple users with different security permissions. Fibernet’s physical cybersecurity enables intense audio/video connectivity while retaining the necessary levels of security including uninterrupted use of mobile phone app functionality on secured workstations.
Integrating our cyber and multimedia products in ergonomic workstations, we provide ultimate, user-friendly 24/7 environments.


Surveillance and border control

Border control is critical for homeland security as well as for the protection of high-sensitivity institutions. A well planned optical infrastructure, cameras, and the ability for real-time surveillance from multiple sources are not enough to provide security. In addition to all of these, Fibernet protects your infrastructure from physical tampering and damage, theft of physical elements, and being tapped for information theft. Our “Lion’s Den” solution can help defend your assets and has even protected lives.


Easy and reliable, in any environment

Fibernet supplies deployable reels, cables, and patch cords, ruggedized RFI/EMI shielding, rotary joints, and other tactical systems that guarantee excellent performance during military operations while allowing easy field deployment and harsh environment reliability.


Quality standards

Our portfolio of Military & Defense solutions meets the strictest international military standards including MIL-STD-810, guaranteeing long-lasting products for any type of environment or application.

Can you provide a solution that reliably provides mission critical data in harsh environments?
Military & Defense

Over the years Fibernet has implemented numerous successful solutions for Military and Defense customers such as RAFAEL, Elbit and the IDF.


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