Institutions & Academia

The combination of our fiber optic expertise, proprietary hardware cybersecurity and partner offerings provide end-to-end solutions in a one-stop-shop.


Campus management

Integrators leverage decades of Fibernet expertise and our in-house production capabilities to plan and provide the best network solutions for each project.

Together we define and design network solutions that enable easy upgrades for existing networks and rapid deployment of new ones. Pre-connected cabling and Fibernet’s plug and play STAR high density data center solution empower integrators in attaining quality results with minimal effort and time in the field.


Through our partner offerings Fibernet also provides all the tools, testing and cleaning equipment needed for installation and network maintenance.


24/7 environments, smart classrooms

Banks, government institutions, traffic control, energy companies and more utilize 24/7 environments, control rooms and/or smart classrooms. Fibernet offers end-to-end solutions for these environments, integrating our cyber and multimedia solutions in ergonomic workstations to provide ultimate user-friendly control, even in the most information-dense environments.

Our hardware cybersecurity solutions provide an added layer of security that is particularly important for sensitive institutions such as banks and national infrastructure (electricity, water, gas etc).


Specialty fibers for research

Fibernet provides specialty fibers as well as high-power laser solution for products designed for cutting-edge research in academia and other institutions.

Can you help us centralize management of our network and build a 24/7 smart environment?
Institutions & Academia

Over the years Fibernet has implemented numerous successful solutions for Institutions and Academia customers such as CERN, Weizmann Institute, Bank Hapoalim, Israel Railways and Israel Electric Corporation.

FIBERNET SOLUTIONS FOR Institutions & Academia

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Specialty Fibers

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