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AFL : Optical Fibers Test & Inspection Solutions by Fibernet

AFL develops and manufactures fiber optic test equipment designed for various fiber optic applications. Our quality products are used throughout the world for installing, testing, and maintaining the performance of fiber optic networks. Products offered include OTDRs and fault locators; certification, optical loss and return loss test kits; optical power meters and light sources; visual fault identifiers; optical fiber identifiers; inspection and cleaning products; talk sets and attenuators; network simulators; accessories; services and software.

Multi Fiber Switch


12 Fiber switching capability -

Dual wavelength, Single-Mode or Multimode -

Bidirectional - 

Large LCD display -


Converts a single port tester into a multi-fiber tester -

Utilizing your existing OLTS, OTDR, and VFL test equipment -

Efficiently test 12-fiber links without disconnecting/reconnecting -

Bi-directional testing without moving cable -

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Rogue Modules- OLTS/ Certification


Bi-directional testing on 2 links at once -

Dual-fiber, dual-wavelength - 

Integrated OPM, OLS and VFL (650 mm -

  Encircled Flux compliant -


Tier 1 testing of premise networks -

Multi-function testing: loss, length, ORL -

Integrate with Multi-fiber switch for MPO OLTS testing -

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FL250-50 Handheld

Fault-Locating OTDR 


 1310/1550and 1550 only versions - 

26 dB dynamic range; 1.5 m dead zone -

Integrated OPM, OLS, and VFL with  -

tool-free interchangeable adapters 

Easy pass/fail analysis using Link  -

 length, loss, ORL summary   


Basic testing of metro and access- fibers at 1310 and/or 1550 nm

   Quickly locate faults on out-of-service (dark) fibers 

 Verify splice and connector loss and reflectance 

Measure optical power and loss

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Enhanced Event Analysis for M310 Data Center OTDR​

Lowell, MA and Spartanburg, SC – With its high dynamic range, short dead zones and new advanced event analysis algorithm, AFL’s M310 Data Center OTDR is the only solution in the industry which addresses the testing challenges associated with data center and enterpriseLAN/WAN networks. The advanced algorithm minimizes missed and false events and ensures accuracy and reliability in event analysis, taking advantage of short dead zones in data center applications

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